Doğal Yaşam Parkı (Wildlife Park) Izmir


We love visiting the Doğal Yaşam Parkı and have gone more times than we can count.  I feel like the animal park is one of Izmir's hidden gems.  I have been to many zoos in the US, and while they have been nice, they are often crowded.  This park is spacious, clean, and well decorated.

What keeps me going back to the park though is the amazing views of the animals.  They are frequently active and close to viewing areas.  During our visits, the lions, pumas, tigers, bears, wolves, and hyenas often come within inches of the viewing areas.  In my opinion, these up-close encounters are the best part of the park.

The park is also recognized as having the first and only elephant family in Turkey.  They are also the only Turkish zoo with a rainforest enclosure.

We went often during our first fall here, where we got to see tigers fighting and bears and hyenas walking inches away from us.  We even saw a mother zebra get tranquilized so that they could better care for the baby.  But by far our best trip there was when the wolves stopped what they were doing, looked at us, and came over to the glass to interact with us.

We took Tuğçe there when she came to visit, and it was her first time ever going to the zoo - and she loved it of course.  The petting zoo was open that day and we had some fun encounters with the goats.

We've had some great memories there, and I look forward to going back for more.









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