Eski Foça


We've gone to Eski Foça (also known as Phocaea) at least 2-3 times now (see I've already lost count).  It's an easy day trip from Izmir and entirely accessible via public transportation.  The bus can be a bit crowded and it takes over an hour, but the town is very quaint and the crystal clear waters are always a joy to walk along.

The area is known for its local population of endangered Mediterranean Monk Seals.  It also is rich with history, including Homer's Siren Rocks.  Other attractions include a local castle, old windmills, boat tours, and a small public beach.

During our visits we mostly walked around the harbors, looking at all of the fish and sea urchins along the way.  One day a man had caught a starfish and let the kids look at it.  Another time some kids had pulled up a sea urchin for us to look at.  While sparse on shells, the area is great for observing natural life in the water.

The kids mostly just like going to the beach though.  Even the time we went in February, they had to get in the water, and the "only up to your knees" rule lasted about 10 seconds.






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